Mission Vision and values


  • To monitor new technologies and innovations, and apply these at every stage of business,
  • To strive continuously to improve working conditions,
  • To increase productivity by motivating employees,
  • To create secure work sites at low cost,
  • To make efficient and productive use of scarce resources and prevent waste.


The Company aims to be a leader in the domestic and international mining industry, to grow without compromising quality, to achieve efficient and balanced growth in every business operation, and to provide investors with h returns by achieving maximum productivity at minimum cost.


Integrity The Company lives up to its promises.
Safety and the environment We place immense importance on ensuring the safety of employees and protecting the environment in all operations.
Valuing work We value employees’ work and treat personnel in an open and honest manner. We prioritize team work and worker safety.
Dividends We ensure that shareholders achieve the maximum profit from Company operations.
Technology We monitor advanced technologies and developments across the world, and apply these in our operations.
Motivation We create a motivating work environment in order to boost productivity.