50050 Project

okullarenThe slogan “50 THOUSAND 50”, embodied by the vision of Ciner Group, defines the objective of achieving a total labour force of 50,000 as well as the construction of 50 educational institutions, to be donated to the Ministry of National Education. Within this scope, modern educational institutions are being constructed and are increasing in numbers year by year, which are presented to the Ministry of National Education.

With the attempts and sponsorships of one of Ciner Group’s companies namely Havas; the 101 students of Çeltiksuyu Primary Boarding School in Bingöl/Türkiye, which was damaged from the earthquake, were brought to Darüssafaka Schools located in Maslak/Istanbul, where an educational and rehabilitation program was applied to them. They were reunited with their families upon completion of the educational year.


With the educational institutions made due to our fully voluntary contributions and to which 9 were donated to our Ministry of National Education, all requirements of our students for educational purposes have been met, thus exemplary and modern education facilities have been built adequate to our Ministry of Education’s projects.

Our objective is to pursue to increase the number of the educational institutions throughout Türkiye and subsequent to accomplishing the construction of 50 educational institutions, to donate them to the Turkish Ministry of National Education.


On a coordinated schedule, Ciner Group currently supports children of the staff members from Armed Forces and Ministry of Interior Affairs, who have been martyrs due to various reasons. These scholarships currently extended to a total number of 100 children based on the level of their education and shall last until they complete their educational life, and new scholarships will be given to new students replacing the graduates.