Environmental Policies

For the Environmental Management Systems that are currently being implemented and continuously improved at “Siirt Madenköy Copper Mine Site and Copper Mine Enrichment Plant” ; without endangering the existence and the quality of the sources that the next generations will be in need of, an environmental policy which covers the process of the reclamation, protection and improvement of the entire values that form both today’s and the next generation’s environment in all areas ( environmental, social, economic, physical, etc.) for a sustainable future and open to improvement was developed by Park Electricity Production Mining Industry and Trade Inc. and put in to practice.

In this regard the basic principles of our Environmental Policy are;

• To take the necessary measures in order to minimize the negative impacts during our all kind of activity within the frame of the national and international regulations in accordance with our Constitution.
• To carry out activities for the fulfillment of all the obligations of the Turkish Environmental Legislation to avoid the disruption of the ecological balance and ensure an environmentally compatible management.
• To ensure the implementation of the education, awareness and improvement activities by regarding all the regulations on environment, occupational health and safety,
• To plan and implement the measures that will bottom out the negative environmental impacts in case of accidents and emergency cases that may happen during our activities,
• To improve the environmental performance continuously and prevent the environmental pollution by following the scientific researches and technological developments,
• To control the environmental impacts of out wastes, to minimize them at source or recycle, and dispose or get disposed of the wastes which cannot be recycled without giving a damage to the environment ,
• To realize the required activities in creating and improving environmental in our employees for the sake of our environmental goals,
By the help of the environmental trainings improving the environmental responsibility awareness of all our employees.

Our Company which accepted the issue of evaluating an environmental management system as a framework that regulates , overviews and continuously monitors in order to govern the environmental management in terms of the reactions against the changing internal and external factors; has adopted the subject of protection and improvement of all the elements and sources which are directly active in the life quality determination , such as the protection of human health, water, air, soil, climate, environment, natural/cultural heritages, flora and fauna; as its main philosophy.