Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much of Konya Ilgın shares were purchased by Park Elektrik?

100% shares of Konya Ilgın power plant was purchased by Park Elektrik.

  • Has construction begun in Konya Ilgın power plant? Construction of power plant has not begun in Konya Ilgın yet. So far, some initial works have been realized by the company such as dewatering of the construction site, construction permits and environmental licenses.
  • What is the estimated construction time for Konya Ilgın investment?

It is estimated that the investment will start in 2018.

  • How long will it take to complete the investment in Konya Ilgın?

Construction time of power plant is estimated as 43 months.

  • What kind of fuel will be used in Konya Ilgın power plant?

Lignite that will be produced in Konya Ilgın’s own coal reserves will be used in electricity production.

  • How much is the coal reserves in Konya Ilgın coal mine?

There is 138 million tons of operable lignite reserves in the region. And operation license of this mine is also owned by Konya Ilgın Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.

  • What is the estimated installed capacity in Ilgın Thermal Power Plant? According to plans, the installed capacity of the power plant will be 500 MW.